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If HANNIBAL was a film it wouldn't be something special. If HANNIBAL was a game it wouldn't be new. But HANNIBAL is a real-time theater play with more than 500 participating actors at Rettenbach Glacier located above 3000 meters altitude. Last time about 8000 visitors came to the glacier stage to see the historical crossing of the Alps by the famous Carthaginian strategist. The show is absolutely unique, incomparable to all other open-air plays. Absolutely Sölden, absolutely Red Bull, the biggest contemporary performance world-wide, absolutely live.

In 218 BC the Carthaginian army was said to have supernatural power and a very special aura. Hannibal dared to cross the main Alpine ridge with his troops – 60,000 soldiers and 37 elephants – in only 10 days, and he could also win several battles. Did the mountains give him this mystic power, and what was the reason for his farsightedness? He won battles against the Romans but did not capture or destroy Rome. As a consequence Africa's Carthage became more and more unimportant while Rome was the undisputed ruler of the Mediterranean Area.


The artistic network directed by lawine torrèn in collaboration with Sölden and Red Bull, has put on stage Hannibal's historical crossing of the Alps together with snow-grooming machines, airplanes, dancers, helicopters and extreme sportsmen. This modern parable is all about striving for power, love, intrigues and international politics. The breathtaking scenery of Rettenbach Glacier, at the very end of a scenic panorama road, lends itself to wonderful productions right amidst majestic peaks and bizarre icefalls. With his unconventional ideas Hubert Lepka transforms the icy nature arena into a gigantic open air stage, offering plenty of space for the theatrical coexistence of people, media groups, machines and impressive images. Carthage is made of snow and light – a huge pyramid, a snow castle, an entire palace.


Heading towards Hannibal is very simple. You can take the car or the shuttle buses that take you right up to the glacier and the open-air stage at 2700 meters above sea level. Experience the breathtaking Alpine scenery at nightfall. This ultimate highlight takes place only once, on 12 April 2013. HANNIBAL is already in its 11th year but no end is in sight. Visitors to the glacier spectacle will always come back for incredible 67 minutes of outdoor theater.

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